Essential Life Skills to Teach Your Teens

21 Aug

Unconditional Love

By loving your children openly and wholeheartedly every day, you are showing them how to love others and themselves. Teaching children to accept themselves for who they are will enable them to do exactly the same with other people. They need to also be willing to forgive family and friends so as to love them unconditionally.

Social Awareness and Manners

Impart conversational and education lifeskills in the young age by letting kids join in on mature gatherings from time to time. Do not make a habit of constantly segregating your children by the adults - they could learn a lot about etiquette, social cues and the art of conversation from watching grown-ups. These settings are also a fantastic time to work on basic manners including the consistent usage of "please," "thank you," "pardon me," and proper dining etiquette.

Respect for Others

Children learn respect from their loved ones, and it starts with family members caring for each other's physical space, thoughts, interests and requirements. When kids feel that what's important to them is held in high esteem by others, they'll be able to emulate the same respect for their family and peers.

Great Care

Start early to create good hygiene habits which will stay with your children forever - from instructing appropriate hand washing and teeth brushing techniques into kids, to reassuring daily bathing for sweaty teens. Make learning daily customs fun for young children by singing, with props and handing out reward stickers. Superior hygiene sets them up for good health and well-being in later life. To read more on the advantages of Life skills, you can check out

Smart Shopping and Saving

Show your children the difference between whole foods and processed foods, the way to eat in season and just how to be savvy shoppers. Talk to them about manufacturer versus non-brand, retail versus wholesale, and also how to deal with their money. Even teens can save yourself money in their piggy banks and find out how to buy at a garage sale. Older kids can start a bank account, start saving and assist with shopping and errands. Know about life skills curriculum here!


From the publication "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo highlights the fact that most of us haven't been properly taught how to clean! Start early by teaching your children how to fold clothing neatly so they can find things easier, and have them sort through their personal belongings to keep just things that "spark joy." A tidy room usually means a tidy mind, also ensures kids can cut through the clutter to focus on what's essential.

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